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The unit is geared to undertake timely processing of service/family pension, Release formalities of retiring sailors and updation/verification of documents of Naval veterans.Available here are over 700,000 Royal Navy service records for ratings who entered the service between 18.It has nothing to do with voting or paying taxes, registering vehicles, nor any of the other privileges of state residency."Home of Record" can only be changed if there is a break in service of more than one day, or to correct an error."Legal Residency," or "domicile", on the other hand, refers to the place where a military member intends to return to and live after discharge or retirement, and which they consider their "permanent home." Legal residency determines what local (state) tax laws a military member is subject to, and in which local (city, county, state) elections they may vote in.Because military members may have "legal residence" in one state, but be stationed in a different state, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, allows military members to pay taxes, register vehicles, vote, etc., in their "state of legal residence," rather than the state they are stationed in.You will need to apply to the review board for your respective service branch for corrections or changes.

You may find more than one record for an individual is their service spans a number of the series above.

The advent of an electronic folder (“e Folder”) within VBMS eliminated the need for producing paper and establishing physical claim folders, which had been VA’s business practice for the better part of a century.

Further, Department of Defense (Do D) announced they would scan their own STRs into a system of record beginning in January 2014, eliminating the need to provide VA a paper copy.

Some of the records cover periods of service up to at least 1950.

The original records are in four series at The National Archives: Please note, a rating must have enlisted before 1929 in order to have a record within these series.

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If there are two records within ADM 188 we have linked these together, so both are attached to the same download.

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