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From 1952 to 1968, the primary was held on the second Tuesday in March.

Our campers attend Jewish day schools as well as synagogue and community religious schools.

population — even little Puerto Rico out in the Caribbean has more people, more than twice as many, actually.

At the height of the Vietnam War in 1968, President Lyndon Johnson managed only a 49 percent victory over Senator Eugene Mc Carthy and withdrew from the race with his famous prime-time TV declaration: “I shall not seek, and will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” By New Hampshire state law, the primary is the first in the nation.

The camp remains educational and although it is no longer Hebrew speaking, we infuse Hebrew into our daily routine.

Announcements are made in Hebrew, buildings and activities are referred to in Hebrew and our plays are partially in Hebrew.

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Most importantly, Daniella is the mother of three delightful and rascally sons- Negev, Stav and Liav-who are the heart of her life!

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