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[Source: Wikipedia] Dating Parker guitars (from Wayback Machine) On the Fly we use a six or seven digit serial number.All guitars made before 2003 will have the six digit code.A beautiful instrument like this one should be in the hands of a busy guitarist!

The vibrato has 3 settings; bend down only, full floating and locked.

Basses made by Washburn have serial numbers that begin with 092.

Soon after moving production to Illinois, the original, more stable multi-laminate neck construction was scrapped in favor of more cost-effective construction from a single piece of mahogany.

Parker Guitars was an American manufacturer of electric guitars and basses, started by luthier Ken Parker in 1993. As of November 2016, the brand was inactive after the factory in Illinois was closed.

Music Corporation in 2003, which was itself sold to Jam Industries in August 2009.

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This guitar plays incredibly well with full rich tones from blues and jazz to rock, heavy metal and experimental music.

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