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All what you need to do is register and send a love letter to one of girls that you chosen.

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The marathon is over, my birthday is over, I need to go on a diet and I’ve spent my piggy bank – yup it feels like January in October…

Though it's difficult to predict what can draw one's attention.

Go the extra mile for some human flesh and your guy’s sure to fall for you, hard.

I recommend bribing someone at your local morgue who has a drug habit, or looking into the organ trade in Mexico.

It felt like an electric current ran through my arm. The gorgeous hunk of a man with a v-line that you could see through his chunky knit sweater.

Every single one of them and hopefully I can find some answers myself. Batman touched my arm when I was a mere babe of 21.

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Fortunately, by following some simple tips and using a bit of discipline, you can successfully ignore the guy you like and either snag him or let him go for good.

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