Drupal feed aggregator not updating

Now every time you add a feed, you can select a category which the items will automatically appear under.Alternatively, you can tag individual items in your aggregator to appear in a category.So I changed line 93: So what has happened is that the feed goes from 21 items, to 0 items.The first time happened right after I updated Core and didn't make my change in the Aggregator module, the 2nd time there was no Core update so that can't be the issue.

I cannot get RSS feed to show on Drupal 7.14 page, feed does not show any items.

Update 2012-08-03 GMT-6: Yep, as it sounded, it sounds like a configuration issue with your host: "In D7 - drupal_http_request() uses the php function stream_socket_client().

In my particular situation, my host provider had ftp_connect() enabled but had disabled a whole bunch of native php functions which they viewed as security risks." "D7 uses the functions stream_socket_client(), fread(), fwrite(), stream_set_timeout(), and stream_get_meta_data().

Feed url: added feed url in Feed aggregator with no problems, and feed name is shown in 'Feed overview' list, but when I clicked on 'update items' link, I got message: Is that the only feed that's happening on?

You might want to also check the permissions, both within Drupal and in your website's tmp/cache folders.

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I have the feed on a few different sites (a few for example):uab.uab.edu/uab.edu/uab.edu/itg Under a multi-site installation so they all use the same aggregator module.

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