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Within the month of November, Thanksgiving was not the only traditional holiday that was celebrated with grateful words, socializing, and enjoying a delicious turkey, but one of the biggest events of the year was also held within the Hmong community known as the Minnesota Hmong New Year Festival. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) is a community media center. David Zierott, Producer for SPNN said, "We handle access, we give the public access to equipment and we do production in the community."Becoming a naturalized U. citizen has many benefits - citizens can vote and run for public office, obtain a U. I’m thinking, Man, my dad better come back up.”When Nou Vang surfaced—exhausted and gasping for air—he was outraged and all of their fishing poles were lost.Nou Vang’s heart was still racing as he pulled his sons to shore.The brothers gripped the sides of their small boat in fear and stared at the water in silence and shock.

“I was at the refugee camp in Thailand for a few months with my older brothers and sisters, not knowing if I would ever see my family again,” she says.It was 1989, and Samuel and Methuselah Thao were only 7 and 8 years old.Their father, Nou Vang, had taken them on a fishing trip to Pike Lake, a half-hour drive southeast of their home in Wausau, Wisconsin.Allies of the United States in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War and later stages of the Laotian Civil War, they started seeking asylum as political refugees after the communist takeover in both nations in 1975. Census, there were 49,240 Hmong persons living in Wisconsin, making up 0.9% of the state's population.Hmong in Vietnam and Laos were subjected to targeted attacks in both countries, and tens of thousands were killed, imprisoned or forcibly relocated following the war. As of 2000, there were 33,791 Hmong persons in the state, making up 0.63% of the total state population and 32.9% of its Asian population. This was an increase of more than 4,000% from the 1980 figure.

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It had been a beautiful, bright day, but at sunset, something happened that the brothers would never forget: “We were in this little jon boat, and they were in this big speedboat,” Methuselah, now 35, said, describing a group of older white fishermen.

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