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Why do we have to be the ones feeling insecure and thinking we are not good enough for them? You should never think you are any less of yourself.Even though we feel like we have to compare ourselves to other women, the thing is you will be good enough for the right man.You will never need to become less for the right person.Trust me I roll my eyes every time someone says that to me because not only do I know it is true, it is hard to accept that sometimes you can be too much for someone.

We let them be the dominating one in when we will date, when we will talk and it is all in their hands. Men have no problem saying they are not ready for a relationship, they just want to have fun, etc so guess what ladies you are allowed to too!

There was a time I was totally against downloading a dating app.

Despite You’ve Got Mail being one of my favorite movies of all time, the thought of meeting my potential S. online felt unnatural, uncomfortable, and a little scary.

Recently I have been playing the game ‘Long Story’ by developers Bloom Digital.

Long story is a very lovely dating/adventure Sim, with a stunning plot.

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The amazing story got me hooked, I couldn’t put down my phone and I played whenever I could!

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