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; born November 12, 1973) is an American belly dancer, actress, author, singer, and choreographer. Garcia was born on a military base in Alabama; during her childhood, her parents relocated throughout the United States and Germany as a result of her father's military reassignments.

Garcia was born on November 12, 1973, at Fort Rucker, Alabama, army base. military; Nelle, a school and dance teacher, passed her dancing skills along to Mayte. Garcia first came to the attention of Prince in 1990 when her mother, Nelle, submitted a video cassette of Garcia's performance.

She released an inspirational album, "A Brand New Me," in 2008.

A growing statistic of drug mortality in America ‘She is seeking a cooperative resolution of this case and hopes the proceeding will be resolved quickly and respectfully. Nelson continues to be focused on her charitable work and her business, which remain her top priority.’ In the end, Manuela Testolini would be the last woman Prince ever married as he chose to stay single while continuing to date sporadically, presumably wounded and love bitten and weary to the end.We have learned exclusively that Eric Benet and Manuela Testolini were JUST married in a private location in Southern California. Eric has one marriage previously to Halle Berry and Manuela has one previously as well to music star Prince. We are being told the ceremony was beautiful and the vows had everyone in tears.Her parents are Janelle "Nelle" Garcia and Major John Garcia, both of whom are of Puerto Rican descent. Garcia and her older sister, Janice, grew up in both Germany and the USA. Prince met the young dancer during the same year while on tour in Germany and eventually she was hired to dance on his Diamonds and Pearls Tour.Garcia spent the summers of her childhood with her extended family in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She became the focus of his next album, Love Symbol, and she assumed the guise of an Egyptian princess for the concept album and the 3 Chains o' Gold video compilation.

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