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Not only did Keith violate a key rule in dating: “Respect people’s boundaries,” but he was also harshly critical and mean (two deal breakers) - revealing himself to be a total jackass. I might not be in the advertising industry but I have enough friends who are and I’ve seen enough episodes of Mad Men and The Apprentice and have enough common sense to know that anything that happens in an advert automatically associates the content of the advert with the brand – be it positive or negative.On the other hand, a toad is always a toad, and they carry many warts with them.Thousands of people join online dating sites daily, and at least half of them are new toads. Mandy’s story is good example of being resilient, after kissing a stinky frog.

), she still wanted to take things slowly physically and really fall in love before "giving it up."Good decision!

Follow this expert advice and learn to ward off the nasty toads and find your online frog prince.

Once you find the right frog to kiss, he just might turn into the handsome prince from fairytales.

☛ Check This Out: ASDA Launches Dating Site I mean no women are actually kissing frogs out there (at least I would hope they’re not) in order to try and find a guy so nobody is going to strike this as a revelation and I doubt an advert like this is going to make people think that is the best internet dating site out there, is it?

If anything, it’s probably just going to make you think that if you do go on it then you’re gonna be kissing a guy who looks like a frog on your first date.

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