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Including Cosmic Horror, Dreaming of Things to Come (Among things) with Power Incontinence, intensive shows of Darker and Edgier, and that's all before we finish off with the Duelist Kingdom.

Needless to say, it's far more than a 'puppyshipping' fanfic, and definitely more than a re-write of the series.

Altough her heart told her he was true, her mind couldn't help but wonder, 'was it love, or lust' Setox Serenityx?

A girl gets amnesia one night thanks to Kaiba and since she has no idea who she is and everything Kaiba decides to take care of her and actually grows attached to her, but what happens when he finds out she's Serenity Wheeler?

Tons of mistletoe overhead, and a smirking yami smack-dab in front of him. Bakura knows Ryou loves him -- they share a mind-link, after all.

It's not hard to guess what Marik wants, but where did he get all that mistletoe anyway? But it's really getting to him, and Bakura has to decide if he feels the same way about his hikari.

Tea is also very good at dancing, and wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up.

She finally achieved her dream several months later after the ceremonial battle. He gave her a handheld game, which she got engrossed in.

Also he is always mean to her, and when a boy is mean to a girl that means he likes her!

However after spending a lot of time playing it, she did not get any better and smashed the game out of frustration.

Yugi laughed at the ordeal and brought her an easier game the next day. Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor would bully Yugi, but Tea would tell them off and scare the boys after they bully Yugi, in which Joey and Tristan would leave the classroom.

Including that Joey and Tristan came to be Yugi's friends after the incident.

Along with Joey recovering the final piece of the Puzzle which made Yugi finally solve the Millennium Puzzle, Tea became good friends with Joey and Tristan after this incident.

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