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Names and locations have been changed to protect individual privacy of the people involved.

* * * The ,000 Dowry That Never Was “Guled” is one of many elderly people who are still mystified by the Americanized young Somalis.

The Kenyan list also included the Dubai-based Dahabshiil, which is Africa's largest money-transfer company.

The closures hit prominent financial institutions that have been allowed to operate in far stricter legal environments than Kenya's.

On April 8, the government ordered those companies' activities to cease and froze all of their accounts.

A number of them have offices in the US, where they're subjected to some of the world's most comprehensive anti-terror financing regulations.

Her works are accused of using neo-Orientalist portrayals and of being an enactment of the colonial "civilizing mission" discourse.

The men "join al Shabaab or another militia group that would pay (them) a salary ... Rates of divorce were reported to be "very high," with some men in their 20s having been married more than three times.The cleric warned about the futility of putting an undue financial burden on the groom. “Well, if that girl’s dowry was ,000, then mine has to be , 000,” the bride said.To the chagrin of some of those present, Guled said, the bride reminded her father about a young lady who had gotten married a week earlier. “She is no better than I am.” Guled couldn’t believe what was happening before his eyes.NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Somali culture, men are expected to provide all household needs, from food to security.However, many women have become breadwinners since the 1991 ouster of Dictator Siad Barre, creating an identity crisis for men.

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