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Each virtual data center is self-contained and therefore will act as two separate physical locations even though they are technically on the same physical data center.Here are the sample networking details that will be used during this tutorial, and a screen shot for one of these VDCs.I went to "Home" and clicked on "" and chose "Run" but that did not work.I then clicked on "Run in Terminal", that did not work either.Users of university-owned computers that are not managed with Big Fix can download Sophos from: How Does Sophos Get Updates?Sophos Anti-Virus is a managed AV client, which means it receives settings from the campus Sophos server.

Download the following zip file: Below is a sample representation of the topology to be used for this tutorial.To set up this topology, this tutorial will make use of two Profit Bricks Virtual Data Centers (VDCs). [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] progress event: U 1 [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] progress event: U 0 [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] Last message repeated 6 times [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Trying to get actual scanning instance... [29/Oct/2014 ][4428] (PID: 3064) Sophos_plugin: Downloading c:\kerio\mailserver\sophos\new ... XXX gogs.C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts, XXX.

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