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For a list of issues and workarounds pertaining to Oracle SOA Installation, Upgrade, High Availability, Enterprise Deployment, Performance Tuning, and Web Services, as well as SOA on IBM Websphere, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes.For known issues and workarounds for other Oracle SOA releases, see Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products. Change the "Delivery Mode Override" to "Non-Persistent" and save the changes. Click "Activate Changes" from the change center (only required on production domains).If you want to check whether your domain policy allow you to install certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authority, when importing the cert via manually select the store and tick 'Show physical stores'.You should be able to place the cert into Trusted Root Certification Authorities\Local Computer If you can't see above, then it has to be enabled via group policy editor on your Windows Server Domain Controller (client PC restart is required for it to take effect): When configuring Telerik's Fiddler to handle HTTPS, I could not get root certificate installed.A bug in preview 5 means that building non-Gradle projects in the IDE is not working well.(Note - this isn't a supported and tested scenario; Android Studio has never let you create non-Gradle projects, but we've tried not to break it.)If you're currently using Android Studio 2.0 Beta, you cannot create AVDs with the N Preview system images, so you currently need to use the Android Studio 2.1 preview to create AVDs until a fix is applied to the 2.0 channel.The certificate does not show in the list of trusted roots, and certificate errors still show up.If I import the certificate into the Trusted Publishers container, it imports correctly, but this does not solve my security errors. Thanks to the link posted by harrymc, I spent almost a day investigating this problem and figured out it was Windows Server 2008 default domain policy.

As of the JDK 7u10 release, this panel also informs you whether Java is enabled in the browser. Manual update is performed by pressing the Update Now button.It lets you view and delete temporary files used by the Java Plug-in, which allows Java technology to be used by your Web browser to run applets; and Java Web Start, which allows you to run Java applications over the network.It allows you to control certificates, making it safe to run applets and applications over the network.Model activation succeeds if you use the 12.2.1 version of Oracle HTTP Server instead. Bug ID: 22861157 Added on: 8 March 2016 Platform: All Insight agents heavily use JMS for data collection. Click the Lock and Edit button from the console change center (only required for production domains). The throw/re-throw activities for the exit/completion criteria are not captured. Workaround: None Bug ID: 22980031 Added on: 22 March 2016 Platform: All The links to documents in the Help Drawer on the Home page do not work. one bar in case of bar chart and one point in case of area chart), there could be a time displayed against that data item on the X axis.The throughput of the underlying SOA Composites/Service Bus projects on which the Insight models are based can become degraded. Workaround: It is recommended that the deliver mode of the Insight JMS Queue (named Proc Mon Event Queue) is updated to "non-persistent". This time value is to be ignored as the data will always be for one entire day as per the date that is also displayed. Workaround: Ignore the value of the time displayed and go only by the date shown since each point on the X axis represents data for one whole day.

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This behavior is not automatically enabled when using NTFS on Linux or OS X, as reported in issue 202297, but can be manually specified in idea.properties:#--------------------------------------------------------------------- # IDEA can copy library files to prevent their locking.

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