Updating servers with rpm

Thanks Chaitanya This link does seem good for Cent OS But what about RHEL?Redhat provides patches to systems that have active a valid subscription.

Is there an alternative way to perform the patching? This way you will need to only download the update once from the internet.In this howto i will describe how to update PHP rpms on servers to latest version.If you have server running Cent OS/Fedora/RHEL, you will noticed that it will use regular rpms of distro to install PHP and to update you have to restrict yourself with distro update of said rpms of PHP, which can be not a major update.Red Hat Enterprise Linux starting with versions 6.1 and 5.7 introduced a new Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) service, which runs in parallel with Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic.Users that are new to Red Hat or would like the enhanced subscription information and improved content access should use RHSM.

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