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The Do P also acts as an agent for Government of India in discharging other services for citizens such as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) wage disbursement and old age pension payments.With 1, 55,015 Post Offices, the Do P has the most widely distributed postal network in the world. 50/- denomination in case of death of depositor subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.This calculator is made available to you as a self-help tool for your independent use.HDFC Asset Management Company Limited (HDFC AMC) / HDFC Mutual Fund is not guaranteeing or promising or forecasting any returns.Key Features of lakshmi Vilas Bank Recurring Deposit ✓ Minimum deposit amount is Rs.100/- ✓ Deposit period ranges from 12 months to 120 months ✓ Loan facility/ Nomination facility available. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Accounts of Banks 36. Liabilities which are not included for Net Demand and Time Liabilities 37. (ii) To control advances by banking companies and to give directions relating thereto (iii) To caution or give advice to banking companies (i) By the non-scheduled bank (ii) By the scheduled banks (iii) Cash reserves of scheduled banks (iv) Liabilities of scheduled bank which is not a State Co-operative Bank (v) Liabilities of scheduled bank which is a State Co-operative Bank (vi) Additional Cash Reserve Ratio (vii) Maximum amount of balance on account of CRR to be maintained by the banks 34. Liabilities not to be included for the computation of Demand and Time Liabilities 36.

Invest into Equity Funds, Gold Funds and Hybrid / Balanced Funds which are positioned to help you create wealth and generate returns.The Calculator alone is not sufficient and shouldn't be used for the development or implementation of an investment strategy.The Entry/ Exit Load (applicable, if any) is not considered in the calculation provided by the calculator.HDFC AMC / HDFC Mutual Fund are not liable for any financial decision arising out of the use of this calculator and also they do not take the responsibility, liability, for any error or omission or inaccuracy or for any losses suffered nor undertake the authenticity of the figures calculated on the basis of calculator.The above investment simulation is only illustrative and does not take into consideration rate of inflation, other financial factors varying over any given period of time and should not be construed as a promise on minimum returns and/ or safeguard of capital.

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Foreword Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Consolidated Detailed Contents of Volume 1, 2 & 3 List of Abbreviations commonly used in Banking, Para-banking and Financial Sector Abbreviations of Journals Table of Cases 1.

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