Validating internal controls for quantitative plant gene expression

They also sequenced 100 microsatellite markers evenly spaced across the murine chromosomes.

Treating variations in expression levels as quantitative traits, and using standard genetic analysis tools, they identified several thousand "expression quantitative trait loci" which explained more than 25% of the observed differences in gene expression.

We established a q RT-PCR platform enabling the multi-parallel determination of the expression levels of more than 2500 rice transcription factor genes.In order to detect differential expression of a gene(s) in distinct biological samples, such as tissue types or under different experimental conditions, the invention of quantitative PCR (q PCR) has transformed the field of gene expression analysis in living organisms [].In comparison to classical reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), the main advantages of q PCR are higher sensitivity, specificity and broad quantification range of up to seven orders of magnitude [], accurate data normalization is an absolute requirement for correct measurement of gene expression. profiled expression of more than 23,000 genes in the third-generation offspring (F2) of two inbred strains of mice.Of these, more than 7000 showed a significant difference in expression level between the strains.

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